Nothing makes my heart more full than the human connection. I love taking the time to get to know someone and then translating that into what I know will make then look and feel their most beautiful.

Since the beginning of my career as a hairstylist in 2009, education has always been the cornerstone of my success. Ironically, I never attended hair college, and I strongly believe that I have a God-given talent and natural intuition when it comes to beauty. Instead, I secured myself a position as an assistant at a well-known salon and studied the talented stylists around me. On my days off, I’d come in with friends, family and even strangers and applied all of my newfound observations. Many of those individuals are still some of my most devoted clients to date. Since then, I have never stopped learning and have made every effort to work and educate myself alongside the industries top performers, such as Mario Verrilli, Jackie Gideon, Mustafa Avci and Lisa Loves Balayage.

As I evolved professionally and spiritually, I couldn’t help but notice the universe guiding me to pursue my true essence. I was ready to step beyond the boundaries of a hairstylist and become a hair specialist. My forte has always been creating beautifully seamless bridal looks, and jaw-dropping perfect blondes. I saw the light and I ran towards it at full speed. Building my skills and reputation, I eventually opened my own studio, Ania Wazny Creative.

Ania Wazny Creative is the space I have always dreamed of, a calm sanctuary where my clients and I can spend time connecting privately. A space where we can take the time necessary to create something beautiful and unique, and feel 100% satisfied every time. The typical hairstylist spends their days servicing an average of 8 clients, and devotes a short amount of time to each appointment. A specialist like myself only books 2-3 appointments a day, one at a time, and dedicates several hours towards creating the perfect look. No double booking, and no being shuffled between different stylists. It’s just you and I.

My time spent in nature and travelling to exotic destinations has always been my greatest source of inspiration for all my creations. Nature is effortlessly beautiful and it’s beauty is built slowly and patiently over time. I have learned all of my most valuable lessons through the observation of Mother Nature and I apply them to every single aspect of my life. Hairstyling is no exception to this.

Are you ready for something different, a new look or a new experience? Your happiness is my guarantee. Book your consultation today. I’d love to meet you !

Yours in Style,

Ania Wazny xox